Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalist’s ( RIUJ)

Press release

Journalists rallied in front of the National Press Club in solidarity with APP and other victims who were retiring from government jobs on the orders of the Supreme Court.


The rally was attended by leaders of various journalists’ organizations, including PPP Information Secretary and former Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi.Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) President Shakeel Ahmed, General Secretary Muhammad Siddique Anzar, Vice President Muneeb Iftikhar, Finance Secretary Ayaz Akbar, Farhat Fatima, Joint Secretary Shazia Tahir. Supreme Court Press Association President Amjad Bhatti, PFUJ Constitution President Rao Sharjeel, Progressive Journalist Chairman Sajjad Tareen, General Secretary of Young Journalists Association Malik Zubair and Naeem Pania addressed to the rally.


Malik Zubair and Naeem Pania assured full cooperation with the affected employees, especially APP journalists. PPP leader Faisal Karim Kundi said that the Supreme Court should reconsider the decision to dismiss the employees. He said that these employees are citizens of Pakistan and they have been forced to commit suicide. He said that the present government should give one lakh jobs instead of one crore jobs. He said that if the employees are not rehabilitated, then the journalists and the affected employees should close the entrance of the Members of parliament in the parliament and will hold a sit-in at the gate.


Information Secretary