how to sell on hitbtc

Both of these bots operate in a way that minimizes the risks of your losses. Along with an original buy order, they will place extra orders to make sure that you still profit even if the market goes in the opposite direction of your initial trade. Furthermore, these bots use several technical indicators and signals to enter the market at an optimal point. The traders can choose either long or short strategies or both simultaneously and bots will decide which one to follow depending on the price movement across the market. Unlike the other platforms we’ve reviewed so far, LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.

how to sell on hitbtc

The website provides an explanation for each of these order types. HitBTC exchange takes flat commissions for withdrawals. It means that no matter how much you want to withdraw the exchange will charge the same amount of money . This amount gets adjusted automatically in accordance with the market prices in order to make the HitBTC users’ transactions fast. With the launch of Luna 2.0, several crypto exchanges that had earlier participated in Luna delisting are now planning to onboard the new Luna token again. Monsoon Blockchain, Bitcoin Latinum’s lead developer, has announced LTNM will also list on Bitmart ($1.6 billion in daily volume), and 10 additional global exchanges by the end of 2022.

HitBTC Fiat Currency

If you place a buy order you name the highest possible price at which you consent to buy an asset so you buy at this price or lower. If you want to sell some coins, you name the lowest possible price at which you want to sell them so you sell at that price or higher. Reserve of a certain amount of your assets follows after the creation of limit order and the order appears in the order book.

How do you buy and sell on HitBTC?

All trading with Hotbit is done via the “Exchange” page. Begin by selecting the cryptocurrency pair you wish to trade on the left side of the screen. Then scroll down slightly to the buy/sell section immediately below the graph. Trading is done via limit orders, with the option to buy on the left and sell on the right.

The Binance Luna 2.0 support is the most important of these for the new Terra chain. As one of the most popular CEXs, it has the largest volume of Luna trading out of all other exchanges. Indeed, Binance itself holds a large portion of Luna Classic. Terra has now confirmed that a majority of crypto exchanges previously supporting Luna support Luna 2.0.

How the Centrality platform and CENNZ tokens work

At the time of writing , HitBTC is one of the only exchanges where you can buy CENNZ. To sign up for an account, you’ll need to provide your email address and create a username and password. Make sure you also enable two-factor authentication on your account to provide increased security for your coins and tokens. Now it’s time to tell you how you do the deposit and trade on HitBTC. The exchange forces no limits over the deposit and withdrawal amounts.

  • I mentioned last week how all the QuadrigaCX money is basically just gone — Amy Castor’s written up the EY bankruptcy trustee’s report.
  • This HitBTC review will reveal everything you need to know about the HitBTC exchange, its features, services, trading fees, etc., to help you decide if it’s a suitable exchange for you.
  • isn’t a good option for users looking to boycott the KYC process.
  • In OTC the traders make a deal directly without affecting the market price of the asset.
  • HitBTC, one of few cryptocurrency exchanges not hacked, is safe.

The next step is to indicate the country of your residence, full name, and the phone number. Another issue is that the support team may respond with delays from time to time. No surprise, people get nervous when they search for help and the support team is not answering for several days. When both issues that I’ve mentioned come together, the situation looks even worse. As you can understand HitBTC incentivizes users to be makers by charging lower fees or even providing rewards instead of fees for those who place new orders. Some of these reviews have dated badly, some lack important facts, and others don’t address the exchange criticism properly.


Briefly, it is safe to say that the exchange favors makers over takers. Takers get charged while makers not only avoid paying fees, but can be even rewarded for their trading activity.

Move purchase ETN from your KuCoin trading account to the Main account and withdraw if you wish. Having acquired Bitcoin , the next logical step is to sell your BTC for Electroneum . Here are some exchanges that let you do that and how to go about it.

About HitBTC

You’ll receive a verification email, and your account will be activated after clicking on it. If you have concerns and questions you can contact the support team or use the so-called “Trollbox” on the main page of the website. Generally speaking, Trollbox is a chat where users and moderators ask questions and discuss any stuff related to HitBTC. Not sure if this chat is more helpful than the support ticket, but there’s always a chance that fellow users or moderators will answer your question quicker there. On the other hand, HitBTC is not hiding the fact that in some cases customers have to provide their personal info.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally in terms of daily trading volume and allows you to buy BTC with GBP. The website supports a variety of payment partners and methods. Whether you want to use Electroneum for payments or as a speculative asset, you will need to figure out how to buy Electroneum in the UK. It is not as easy as purchasing Bitcoin, which is supported by most cryptocurrency exchanges. HitBTC is one of the most popular crypto currency exchanges, judging by the Bitcoin trading volume. Other than that they offer a wide variety of allcoins, much like Bittrex.

Choose country

All intellectual property rights are reserved by the providers and/or the exchange providing the data contained in this website. Your ability to comment is currently suspended due to negative user reports. While being a well-established exchange, what is hitbtc HitBTC does not officially provide information on the country in which they are based. Some reports link them to Europe, while others suggest Hong Kong. We aren’t certain at this point, but what we are sure is that they are no regulated.

In this case, it’s better to trust your instincts and remember the golden rule – never trade money you can’t afford to lose. Select a currency from the chart’s list, and the page will instantly refresh and display information about the chosen trading pair.

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Where is HitBTC based?

HitBTC is a crypto exchange and trading company. The company provides APIs (REST, WebSocket, and FIX API). It is based in New Territories, Hong Kong.

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how to sell on hitbtc
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