Burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil in power stations and furnaces or petrol and diesel in motor engines produce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. “Sangam” literature is not the product of a particular social or religious group nor was it sponsored as a court literature by a ruling elite. The corpus of poems known as Sangam literature was produced over six centuries, from around 300 BC to 300 AD, by Tamils from very diverse social backgrounds. The social classification of Varna was known to Sangam poets. Nagabhata II became the most powerful ruler of northern India and established his new capital at Kannauj. Nagabhata II was succeeded by his son Ramabhadra in about 833. Swatch Ltd. plans to earn a 20% return on its investment in a new project.

which of the following statement is true when it comes to taking a business online

There are linear equations in one variable and linear equations in two variables. Let us learn how to identify linear equations and non-linear equations with the help of the following examples. M/s Craft Emporium, an un-registered person in the state of Rajasthan deals in handicraft goods. He carried Handicraft goods worth Rs.45,000/-through his own vehicle for supply to a shop keeper of Delhi. The proper office intercepted the vehicle enroute to Delhi & asked for E-Way bill.

Nothing about the opening batsmen is mentioned in the statement. So, II also does not follow. You can easily solve Logical Reasoning quiz problems based on “Statement and Conclusion” by practising the given exercises, including shortcuts and tricks. This section focuses on “Web Analytics” in Digital Marketing. Packaging is important not only for protection of the product but also serves as ________. B.) An organization should implement a BCP framework without doing a cost-benefit analysis.

Linear Equations in Standard Form

As per the law, the Speaker of the House has the power to decide the disqualification of the members. The total number of members of the Council of Ministers, including the Prime Minister, shall not exceed 15 percent of the total strength of the Lok Sabha. This provision has been included layersdesignstudio.in by the 91st Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2003. Hence statement 2 is correct. It also sets standards for legal education and provides recognition to universities whose law degrees will serve as qualifications for students to enroll as advocates at the undergraduate level.

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This certificate is for certifying the ‘person with disability’, ‘severe disability’, ‘cerebral palsy’, ‘autism’, and ‘multiple disability’ for purposes of section 80DD. The taxpayer is not allowed this deduction if the dependant has claimed a deduction under section 80U for himself/herself. Deduction under Section 80DD of the income tax act is allowed to Resident Individuals or HUFs for a dependent-who is differently-abled and is wholly dependent on the individual for support & maintenance. As per the CGST Act, 2018, a manufacturer or trader can now also supply services to an extent of ten percent of turnover, or Rs.5 lakhs, whichever is higher.

Which of the following statements is not correct in relation to Partnership?

” During the test, you have to spot the lies and select the factual sentences only. And your goal should be scoring as high as possible. The question is simple; which of the following statements is true? But are you knowledgeable enough to score high on this ultimate teat? We have created a general knowledge quiz with challenging items to see how well you can detect our lies. A linear equation is called linear because when we try to plot the graph of the given linear function, it results in a straight line. # Interest shall be at the bank rate that is prevalent at the beginning of the financial year in which death claim has been received.

Biofilms form on medical implants and within human tissue as in cystic fibrosis; in industry they cover equip ment surfaces. Biofilms protect their inhabitants from various adverse environmental conditions including biocides and anti biotics. Common form of SaaS use is a web-based email service such as Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, with these services, you access your account over the Internet, often from a web browser. Operated by users collectively, rather than a corporation. Hence, statement 3 is correct. The International Energy Agency in partnership with the Climate Group launched a global initiative “EP100”.

Download our free flashcards with more than 15 challenging questions that all start with “which of the following statements is true? ” You can print the cards or use them as they are to play games with friends and test their general knowledge. We did not even know it is possible to get such a score. We asked, “which of the following statements is true? And you were right more than 90% of the time. That is a real-deal achievement you should be proud of.