“However, we note with regret, that the calls of the international community to give time to the recent initiatives undertaken by parties to diffuse tensions were not heeded to. The situation is in danger of spiraling into a major crisis,” he added. Russian tanks and other heavy equipment crossed the frontier in several northern regions, as well as from the Kremlin-annexed peninsula of Crimea in the south, news agency AFP reported. Hours after Putin announced the launch of a major offensive, Russian ground forces crossed into Ukraine, capturing control over 2 towns in the Luhansk region. Russian forces have retreated north of Ukraine’s Bakhmut battleground city following a new Ukrainian offensive, with both sides reporting the biggest Ukrainian gains in six months.

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The UN was faltering in ensuring ceasefires, even during the Azerbaijan–Armenia conflict occurring right in the midst of a deadly pandemic. But the Ukraine–Russia conflict has once again highlighted the inability of UN forces to intervene and maintain peace. As much as 25% of India’s oil purchase is now from Russia, from less than 2% before the war. But barring these, talks between the two sides are non-existent.Russia, despite the slow progress of its “special military operation”, remains adamant.

Putin ‘plans nuclear radioactive leak’ to defer Ukraine’s counteroffensive, says Kyiv

The struggle of the Palestinians, for instance, does not spark the same level of intensity in Washington and Western capitals, he noted. War-ravaged Yemen is facing even more hunger and malnutrition as a result of the Ukraine war, which disrupted food supplies. Fifteen African countries imported half of their wheat supplies from Russia and Ukraine. Western sanctions are still hampering Russian fertilizer exports to drought-affected sub-Saharan Africa. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who belongs to the nominally anti-war Green Party, actually admitted that Europe was engaged in a war with Russia. The Ukraine war has conclusively proved that the so-called “strategic autonomy” enjoyed by the EU in foreign affairs is a myth.

‘Russian casualties highest since battle for Bakhmut’, reports British Intelligence

North Korea hasn’t disclosed a target date for the launch, which some analysts say may be in the next few weeks. That launch would use long-range missile technology banned by past UN Security Council resolutions. Once an important rail hub in an area best known for salt mining, the industrial city has been the epicentre of the fighting in eastern Ukraine since last summer which has https://productbucket.in/ left much of it in ruins. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office said several commercial and administrative buildings and some private houses were damaged in the Russian drone attacks on the Kyiv area. “Let me be clear that we do not see India as supplanting any country. We see this process as India gaining its rightful position in the world,” Modi told the newspaper.

Ukraine, which has been armed and equipped by the collective West at a cost of over $100 billion, is dependent on the West to keep its economy running. Its infrastructure is in a shambles after Russia targeted the country’s energy grid in October following the Ukrainian attack on the vital Kerch bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula to the Russian mainland. While the West was putting sanctions, India was buying crude oil from Russia at a discounted rate. From increasing its imports from Russia to introducing a windfall gains tax, this video explains how the war happening at one part of the world, affected India’s energy sector.

Shortly after Putin sent more Russian troops into Ukraine, there were reports of capital city Kyiv and another region Kharkiv being hit by missile strikes. A Reuters new agency witness confirmed hearing the explosions after the military operation was authorised by the Russian President. Russian air strikes hit military facilities across the country and ground forces moved in from the north, south and east, triggering condemnation from Western leaders and warnings of massive sanctions. Ukraine claimed to have shot down six Kinzhal missiles, Russia’s touted next-generation hypersonic missile, in a bid to thwart a planned attack.

A year after start of Russia-Ukraine conflict, there are still signs of escalation everywhere. Calculations on both sides that this would be a short, swift war have proved wrong. The US is still egging on Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to keep up his belligerent posturing and propping up his regime with aid and armaments, but Western unity is starting to fray and calls for peace talks are becoming more frequent. There is no end in sight to the war in Ukraine as the two adversaries and other main players in the conflict mark its first anniversary by proclaiming that the war will go on. Now most of western Europe is forced to depend on more expensive gas from the US and Qatar.